“Why would you only deal with a building company?”

At Design 2 Build WA, we offer a simple method for you to obtain the very best design, by our architect, and the choice of several quality and professional builders.

Why talk to only builders for that new building project, where you can get a better deal, save thousands and have the dream design you want? There are so many reason why you should talk to us before you start!

  • Our clients will receive a full concept design including 3D elevations, designed by our in house architect.
  • Design 2 Build WA, acknowledge all details that you wish to have in your project, and we listen and offer suggestions to help provide a design that meets your budget.
  • Design 2 Build WA, offer three difference packages of quality products with the option to customized the final package to suit, your taste and budgets. Quality builder complete the dream project.

What's simpler than that !

Design 2 Build WA, is a completely different way in building a bespoke project ! Our 5 easy, hassle free steps are:

Step 1

Meeting you.

We are happy to meet you at a time and place that is convenient to you, evenings and weekends are available. We will sit down and listen to what you wish to do, develop a design brief that acknowledges your special needs, budget, and type of project.

Step 2

Design concepts, and general addenda.

As part of our packages, we provide several design meetings to ensure we develop the very best design, that meets your expectations, and then amend your chosen level of quality package to customized the fit out to your project.

Step 3

The builder:

We don't just offer any builder. We look for builder who will provide value for money, quality, an on time construction and a professional service to our clients.

Who wants to be a number in a computer, that many main stream builder treat there clients? We obtain 4 comprehensive quotes from the list of builder we recommend.

Step 4

We do a full breakdown to ensure all the builders have provided a comprehensive quote. We ensure all items as per the concept design and chosen package are included. We do this to ensure an even playing field for all builders and to guarantee no hidden costs manifest later in the construction process.

Step 5

Approving the builder‐getting the best deal that meets your expectations. The next step is obtaining planning, building approvals, all architectural documentation, specifications, engineering detail including soil report and energy assessment, We assist you to understand the signing of contracts, and the preparation for prestart. This is to ensure you have a hassle, stress free experience

We offer 3 levels of packages‐ silver, gold and platinum. This gives the very best options and finishes for your project. We are happy to customized these options to ensure you get what you want in your project.

Our cost breakdown ensures we demonstrate clearly the full inclusions all the quotes have provided. This will include a detailed package, and any optional items or suggested changes from the builder to allow you to make the best choice.

Design 2 Build WA, are happy to provide to our client references and details with regards to our builders, for your peace of mind. We also provide an on‐going design service and construction advice while you enjoy your building experience.

Design 2 Build WA can also assist in both purchasing land and the finance options. We are advised of current updates from land developers in various locations across Perth, and have access to several Finance brokers to also assist you in get the best mortgage available.

Design 2 Build WA is a totally independent architectural and building brokerage firm. We don't play favourites with our builders, and we provide the expertise and years of experience in our architect. We ensure our clients get the very best outcome for the project for their project.

We never ‘sugar coat’ the facts and will always provide you a honest answers to your question from start to finish.

The main advantage is the savings that can be attained. In most cases, depending on the project, there is a cost saving around 5%‐20%! Plus having an individualized architectural designed creation or using one of our existing designs, will get you what you desire.

We provide brokerage services for :


Our experience in the industry is :

  • 30 years architectural knowledge in various projects
  • 15 years construction experience working for quality builders across Perth and Eastern states

We hear from our clients that they are frustrated in not getting exactly what they want from their builder. Hidden costs, a design that does not meet their needs and the lack of professional attention, are all common complaints. We have had clients who have spent months with a builder, only to walk away and look for alternatives. We offer independent guidance and advice to simply help you achieve that dream project and to make every dollar count.

Some one there for YOU!. So feel free to contact us to arrange your obligation free meeting today!